Corefulness® In Schools Programme

Corefulness® in schools can be integrated easily into daily school life. The programme provides teachers with tools to enhance all children’s learning experience both in the classroom and during P.E and Sports related training sessions.

Corefulness® in Schools provides schools with new ways to enhance a child’s educaion, none of which are provided under the existing school curriculum in the UK.

The Classroom based exercise programme together with the age-related Sports warm up routines, help children to have a greater self awareness of their body and brain which has a direct effect on their learning capabilities throughout their academic career.

Schools already using the Programme have seen noticeable improvements in the children’s behaviour and concentration levels in the classroom.

The exercises target children’s needs as they grow and mature, children build core stability, develop

flexibility and balance to strengthen their body whilst in the classroom and when playing sport.

Please get in touch to discuss how we can support you to introduce Corefulness® into your school and help your children build inner strength.

  • Easy to follow videos to integrate Corefulness® into daily school life and activities

  • Age-related sports warm ups to assist in P.E and sport related sessions

  • Improve energy and increase concentration

  • Minimise potential future injuries

  • Progressive customised programmes for different Key Stages

  • Increase self awareness and physical and mental control.

Why Corefulness® in Schools?

Research has shown that physical exercise can enhance the learning process. If children undertake just a few minutes of specific sensory and motor training prior to sitting down to engage their brain for learning, then learning outcomes improve.

If we address core stability, flexibility, strength and balance in children at a young age, we will maximise their potential, not only during sport and physical activity sessions but in the classroom lessons too.

We are all born with reflexes in our body, called primitive reflexes, which are used throughout infancy and beyond. Some of these reflexes are lost as we develop and this process has to occur in order for our bodies and brains to mature correctly.

In some children this loss of primitive reflexes is delayed and this can slow the ability of a child to integrate their body and brain.
This can result in slow learning patterns. If the child’s body is encouraged to move through certain patterns, as they are in the Corefulness® in Schools programme, then the primitive reflexes can be integrated, normal postural reflexes can mature and their learning potential is maximised.

In this growing digital age and as a direct result of the Pandemic, children are now expected to work at computers from a young age.

It is vital they are taught correct seated ergonomics and good ergonomic practices to minimise damage to their bodies as they grow.

Corefulness® in Schools provides teaching staff with a progressive way to expand and develop all children’s learning capabilities.

Please read the Q&A section for further information.

Corefulness® in Schools Program

Key Stage One (YR - Y2)

Corefulness® in schools during the early years, focuses on vital movement patterns and exercises that can be integrated into both the classroom and P.E lessons.

Key Stage Two (Y3 - Y6)

Corefulness® in schools at Key Stage 2 focuses on the development of awareness and the strengthening of the four key core muscles within the body, along with important stretching and balance work. Correct postural development and strengthening is vital as a child grows to support the body.

In this Key Stage, the programme provides formal teaching of the correct running technique to ensure alignment and stability during an activity used on a daily basis. The classroom programmes stimulate the body and mind which aids concentration during lessons.

Key Stage Three (Y7 - Y9)

During Key Stage 3 many children experience their largest growth spurt. Corefulness® in schools will support children and provide them with the tools to maintain flexibility and boost stability in the classroom as well as minimise the potential of adolescent musculoskeletal problems due to lack of correct warm up and weakness on the games field. Children will learn how to progress their running technique as a life-long skill.

Key Stage Four (Y10 - Y11)

Corefulness® for Key Stage 4 recognises that children will be encouraged to develop independent learning skills as they prepare for GCSEs. Corefulness® can not only be used in the classroom setting and during formal P.E lessons but also as a resource for students as they work independently. Children will be able to access ergonomic advice which can be applied in their different working environments, as well as gain advice regarding independent physical training with age appropriate video-based exercise regimes.

Key Stage Five (Y12 - Y13)

As young adults, Corefulness® recognises the need to develop skills for life. At this Stage, the programme provides access to resources regarding physical training, injury awareness and prevention, diet, health and posture. They can access video based exercise regimes with correct warm up and stretching for core control, running, weight training, body toning, circuit training etc.

Corefulness® in Schools will ensure school leavers are equipped with the resources to maximise their individual potential both physically and emotionally whilst being provided with the gift to develop a life-long love of exercise and well being.


We are delighted to be working with schools in both the state and private sector.

Becoming a Corefulness® school can commence during a school year and can be incorporated easily within the existing school timetable. provides regular marketing updates for wider circulation and interaction with parents and staff, school accreditation schemes and certificates for pupils. Scroll down to apply now.