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Introduction to Corefulness®Foundation

Introduction to Corefulness®Running

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What you think

I was introduced to Corefulness as part of my recovery from an acute back strain.

Part way into a marathon training program my back “gave up”, leaving me completely unable to run; barely able to even walk for a day or two. I integrated the exercises and stretches into my program, gradually increasing the practice until I was regularly running through the whole set of movements about three times a week. The exercises are taxing enough to make you aware of your core stability muscles without being so hard as to be off-putting. And it gets into your head – it’s surprising how soon you are thinking about posture and movement during everyday activities. Over the course of a couple of months I have quite literally gone from unable to walk without pain to being able to comfortably, and happily, complete a marathon. I believe that the Corefulness program has played a significant part in that recovery and I’m excited to have the tools now to integrate core strengthening into my day from office chair to cross-country trail.

From a 50 year old male, marathon runner

Corefulness came into my life when I felt that I needed it the most. In hindsight, we should all have been using the practices from childhood.

I was desperately trying to get back to my pre-children level of fitness, but the constant challenge of where to start and how to achieve it safely, and fit it into my routine, was proving quite overwhelming. Corefulness seemed a relatively simple and straightforward process with which to start and a far cry from the usual 5-mile run that I was attempting to push myself around. Relatively quickly it became clear that my lack of core stability was most probably a key area to target and as the weeks progressed I couldn’t actually believe that I hadn’t been including the strengthening exercises and muscle awareness in my exercise regimen let alone everyday life. I found the progression through the weeks steady and easily achievable, with perhaps the exception of the balance work which remains my personal area of challenge, and the everyday reminders continue to pay dividends throughout the working day. The Corefulness programme continues to provide the vital foundation of my training going forwards, namely a 30 mile trek in the Brecon’s in July!

From a 40 year old working mother of two children

I progressed from rehabilitation to building the programme into my daily routine and it has made all the difference.

From a 55 year old male, following acute back pain.