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Video based exercise programmes which teach you about four key stabilising muscles of the body - how to train, strengthen and use them in everyday sport and activity.

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The benefits

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Thinking about your body correctly and having better awareness of your core muscles helps you to improve movement in everyday sport and physical activity.

  • Find your core muscles and understand their makeupTo minimise stress and injury
  • Integrate Corefulness® into daily life and activityTo maximise strength and efficiency in movement
  • Make the core muscles work and strengthen themTo improve energy in everyday activities

The Science Bit

All our muscles have fast and slow twitch fibres helping us to move or stabilise. To optimise our movement, it’s vital to maximise our stability strength. From the four very important muscles in our bodies, we can aid the stability of our whole body.


There are four important stabilising muscles of the body which will be identified and Corefulness® aims to train these muscles and strengthen them.


Serratus anterior muscle is the main stabiliser of the shoulder. When it works it gently flattens the shoulder blade against the rib cage.


Pelvic floor muscle, when working it engages an imaginary corset around the pelvis and lower back to stabilise this area.


The gluteal medius muscle is a stabilising muscle of the hip and pelvis. When it works our legs turn out and it also works to move the straight leg outwards.


The vastus medialis obliquus or VMO is the inner part of the quadriceps at the front of the thigh it works to help straighten the knee and also to stabilise the kneecap.

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Corefulness® is for everyone, whether aged 7 or 107! From athletes wanting to improve core strength, to an office worker wanting to reduce the effects of sitting for long periods or someone simply wanting to make their body better. Whatever your level of activity, age or body state, Corefulness® is for you.

If you are under 18 years of age please ask a parent or guardian to sign up on your behalf.

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  • Weekly videos to guide you through activating your four core muscles
  • Subtle increments each week to strengthen them
  • Bite sized guides to integrate Corefulness® into your daily life

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Why six weeks? It takes about 42 days to make changes to a muscle, best practised at least three times a week