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Corefulness® in Primary Schools can be integrated into daily school life as a 4 minute classroom module and 5 minute big moves module to engage the body and brain and as a PE warm up and running training for sports related sessions.  

The Corefulness® Primary Schools programme is divided into four modules: 

  1. Corefulness® Classroom module: Children will follow a 4 minute video-based exercise programme at their desk. There are two programmes each day Monday to Friday. We recommend the first video is started before the first morning lesson and the second video is started after lunch, before the afternoon lessons begin. 
  2. Corefulness® Big Moves module: children either follow the five exercises on the video or they can be teacher led. The exercises can be performed in the classroom or during PE lessons. The five exercises are performed 3 times a week and take 5 minutes. The exercises are progressed each term. 
  3. Corefulness® PE warm-up module: PE staff will guide children through the exercises to ensure their bodies are stretched and activated ready for sport. 
  4. Corefulness® Running module: PE staff use the running guide to teach the children correct alignment and skills to increase their speed and efficiency and minimise injury. 

Key stage 2

Please ensure children in Key Stage 2 watch their year group introduction video at least 3 times before starting the classroom based exercises. It is advisable to watch the introduction again at the start of each new term to recap and also for any new pupils. The introduction video ensures a good level of understanding about: 

  • core stability muscles 
  • how these muscles provide good postural alignment 
  • why these muscles need to provide strength 
  • how the muscles are used to increase performance and strength during all aspects of school life as their bodies grow 
  • please read the Q and A for further information