How Corefulness® Works

Corefulness® Foundation

A 6 week programme that provides the essential building blocks for improving your core strength, flexibility and balance.

Corefulness® Running

A three part running programme consisting of: 

  1. The Active module which teaches how to improve your running style to maximise efficiency and minimise injury. The programme is aimed at both beginners, experienced running enthusiasts and marathon runners.
  2. The Evolve module provides ten minute, running specific, warm up regimes to stretch, strengthen and balance muscles ready for running.
  3. Marathon and Half marathon training plans provide specific mileage build up with core work, stretching and strengthening regimes incorporated. A complete solution for your training needs.

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Repeat your exercises at least 3 times a week.

Backed by Facts

Muscle strengthening occurs if exercises are repeated at least a minimum of three times per week.

  • Corefulness® encourages you to repeat exercises 
and as you learn the exercises you will incorporate them into your life every day.
  • A programme consisting of stretching, back isometric and stabilisation exercises and walking has been shown to significantly decrease pain and disability in patients with chronic low back pain.
  • The Corefulness® programmes encompass these elements and encourages functional activity during the six weeks and beyond.
  • Stability muscles work at a low level for a long period of time, therefore Corefulness® encourages you to use these muscles at a maximum of 40 percent of normal muscle contraction and to work towards holding muscles for at least 10 seconds.