How Corefulness® Works


Corefulness® Foundation – Teens & Adults

A six week programme that provides the essential building blocks for improving your core strength, flexibility and balance.

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Corefulness® Nursery 

Corefulness® can be integrated into daily nursery life to stimulate the body and brain.

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Corefulness® Primary Schools

Corefulness® can be integrated into daily school life to support children with Special Educational Needs and to break down barriers to learning for all children.


Corefulness® Running

Learn how to improve your running style to maximise efficiency and reduce injury. Includes warm up regimes and marathon training plans.


Corefulness® Work

People in a desk-based working environment can ensure their workstation is set up correctly, minimise injury & maximise work efficiency.

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Repeat your exercises at least 3 times a week.

Backed by Facts

Muscle strengthening occurs if exercises are repeated at least a minimum of three times per week.

  • Corefulness® encourages you to repeat exercises 
and as you learn the exercises you will incorporate them into your life every day.
  • A programme consisting of stretching, back isometric and stabilisation exercises and walking has been shown to significantly decrease pain and disability in patients with chronic low back pain.
  • The Corefulness® programmes encompass these elements and encourages functional activity during the six weeks and beyond.
  • Stability muscles work at a low level for a long period of time, therefore Corefulness® encourages you to use these muscles at a maximum of 40 percent of normal muscle contraction and to work towards holding muscles for at least 10 seconds.