Corefulness® is Physical Mindfulness

What is physical mindfulness?

The Corefulness® Foundation Programme creates a conscious way of thinking, to educate the body and mind about posture, movement and muscle activity.  We think of it as “Physical Mindfulness”. 

Mindfulness is a moment by moment awareness of where we are and what we are doing. It is the act of being fully present.

Corefulness® foundation gives inner strength and develops physical mindfulness to take control of the body. 

Why Corefulness®?

Our bodies are controlled by muscles. Some muscles are designed to move our bodies and some muscles are designed to stabilise our bodies. If we can activate and strengthen the stabilising system correctly, then our movement and posture improves, pain, stress and injury reduce and performance is enhanced.  Our bodies will have more power and more control.

Who is Corefulness® for?

Corefulness® is for everyone! 

Everyone wants to live their lives to the maximum regardless of their individual needs and ability. 

Corefulness® already benefits children as well as those who are more sedentary.  From desk dwellers to the long distance runners, Corefulness® ensures everyone has the physical aptitude to achieve their individual goals. Users include competitive athletes wanting to achieve peak performance in sports and those whose lives are physically demanding as well as those recovering from illness (Coronavirus, COVID-19) and injury.  

  • Imagine: Imagine a body that moves the way it was designed to move. Imagine a body that uses the correct muscles for stability and the correct muscles for movement.
  • Achieve: Begin to live your day with minimal pain and stress.  Actively work at a  desk without stiffness and pain. Reach your full potential in sport and train at a higher level.
  • Well Being: Adopting Corefulness® into daily routines will automatically lead to better well being.  Being in greater control of both physical and emotional wealth is a gift to develop a more fulfilled longer life, a love of exercise and increased overall fitness. 
  • Live your day with energy and strength, minimising stress and injury:  Growing research shows that if you train your brain to be mindful, you can remodel the physical structure of the brain. If we are mindful about body position and muscle activity, we can strengthen the body, reduce injury, improve performance and live our lives with higher energy and greater confidence.
  • Children: Empower your children to grow strong and build an inner awareness of their body as they develop.  Ensure they have the tools to maximise their own potential at school, in sport and at home with family and friends.  Corefulness® is working alongside schools to engage children in the classroom, on the sports pitch, with running techniques.
  • Education: Corefulness® is not just another exercise program, it is an education. Corefulness® gives you the tools to build inner strength, to develop physical mindfulness and take control of your body.  

The Corefulness® Programme

Corefulness® is a program which focuses on the activation, strength and coordination of four key stabilising muscles of the body with stretches and balance. It teaches you to use these muscles in lying, sitting, standing and walking so you become present as to what your body is doing all day, every day.

How to Start Corefulness®

The Corefulness® Foundation course is a six week easily accessible, informative, progressive video-based guide.  It is designed to be used on any digital device. 

Simply follow the online instructions and sign up for free at  The sessions last approximately 15 minutes and for maximum benefit should be repeated three or more times a week.

Corefulness® maximises everyone's potential

Footnote: has been developed with over 20 years of Physiotherapy experience, focusing on the activation, strength and coordination of the four key core stabilising muscles, stretching and balance.