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Corefulness® in Nurseries can be integrated twice daily into the timetable as a 4 minute programme to improve balance, stretching and strengthening, left-right brain activation, hand eye coordination and finger dexterity. 

The exercises improve gross and fine motors skills and help young children to mature any retained primitive reflexes which can affect movement and learning. 

The Corefulness® nursery programme is divided into two modules: 

  1. Corefulness® Classroom module: children will follow a 4 minute video-based exercise programme in their classroom. There are two programmes for each day Monday to Friday. We recommend the first video is started at the beginning of the day and the second video is started at the beginning of the session after lunch. 
  2. Corefulness®  Big Moves module: children follow the five exercises either from the video or they can be teacher led. The five exercises are performed 3 times a week and take 5 minutes. The exercises are progressed each term.