Elizabeth’s Story

Elizabeth Cordle is the founder of Corefulness®. During her 20 years of experience as a Chartered Physiotherapist, she has always sought to do more than just treat the symptoms, constantly looking for the root cause and ways to prevent injury in the first place.

The idea for Corefulness® is exactly that- a system which provides people with the knowledge and the tools to help themselves be fit, strong and healthy, in a revolutionary yet simple way. 

She has defined Corefulness® as ‘the use of core muscles through functional activities of the day to keep us healthy’ which simply refers to all the things we do in our day to function. 

Her ambition is to create a posture revolution across the globe, by providing people with the tools to help themselves. 

Elizabeth Cordle

Elizabeth’s experience has fuelled a desire to make the knowledge of the power of good posture and exercise available to the wider population. She is committed to helping individuals become proactive in helping themselves. Corefulness.com allows people of all ages and abilities to benefit from her expertise and lead healthier stronger lives.

The idea of Corefulness.com began two years ago when Elizabeth helped her children’s primary school athletics club with their running. After years of working with high level runners and athletes from across the UK, she thought it would be fun for the children to learn HOW to run. The session proved very rewarding. The children listened, learnt and ran with more efficiency and ultimately more speed. In short the results were remarkable.

This success lead to the Corefulness® Schools Programme, an online tool providing a curriculum of core strength and conditioning. A simple, progressive curriculum that teachers can access in their P.E. lessons for warm up and cool down and strength and balance and also the ‘ready to learn’ and ‘return to school’ programmes. 

Children are encouraged after play, before lessons, to stop, think, breathe and activate their core muscles so they are ready to learn both physically and mentally.

Elizabeth developed the Foundation programme, a six week simple, progressive programme that teaches people about the four key stabilising muscles of the body, how to find, train and strengthen them through sitting, standing and walking.

Corefulness® Running Programme offers guidance on how to improve your running style, alongside warm up and strengthening programmes. Elizabeth is quoted saying

“I will not rest until the world is Coreful in the way it lives. That every generation has the tools to help themselves through proactive health and fitness, rather than reactive treatment which only treats, not prevents. Corefulness® is a way of living and together we will create The Posture Revolution”

Elizabeth’s experience 

  • Elizabeth qualified as a Chartered Physiotherapist in 1998 from King’s College University, London.  Having worked at King’s College Hospital and St George’s Hospital, London, she set up in 2003 her own physiotherapy company specialising in neuro-musculoskeletal disorders.
  • Over the past 21 years she has worked with leading consultants country wide, and developed an in-depth knowledge of injury, treatment and rehabilitation.
  • Elizabeth’s varied clinical caseload includes acute and chronic disorders, pre and post natal, post-operative, ergonomic and sporting injuries.  She has worked for the London Welsh Rugby Academy, the GB Polo team and with many elite runners including such challenges as Marathon Des Sables and the 1000 mile running challenge.
  • The thread running through it all has been to empower her clients with the knowledge and methods to help themselves be fit, strong and healthy. Corefulness® by any other name