What is an ergonomic workstation assessment?

It is an assessment of your desk-based working environment to ensure that the workstation is fitted to you correctly.

Why do I need to do an ergonomic assessment?

A correctly fitted workstation will maximise work efficiency and minimise the risk of injury or pain from prolonged working in the same posture.

Who is the @work module for?

The @work module is for any individual who is sitting or standing at a desk-based working environment for longer than 2 hours, regularly throughout the week. They are classified at Display screen equipment users.

Do employers have a legal obligation to provide an employee with an ergonomic workstation assessment?

Yes, if a company employs more than five employees then they have a legal obligation to provide their employees with an ergonomic workstation assessment, under the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Display screen equipment (DSE) regulations 1992 (amended 2002).

When should I do an ergonomic assessment?

Ideally assessment should be carried out once a year. However,if there is a change in an individual’s capability, there is a change in an individuals workstation or if an individual becomes pregnant then the workstation assessment should be carried out sooner.

What does the Corefulness @work programme consist of?

The program is divided into three modules:

  1. The Corefulness @work active module is a video-based program which teaches you about correct posture and anatomy, how to set up your workstation correctly, software settings to minimise RSI, how to plan your work activities and your entitlements as a desk-based workstation user.
  2. The Corefulness @work online questionnaire guides you through the workstation setup and highlights areas of your workstation that require focus or particular equipment required to ensure your workstation meets specific requirements.
  3. The Corefulness @work Evolve module gives you access to short exercise programs to stretch and mobilise the body during movement breaks in your day.
How long does the assessment take?
  • The @work active module, which consists of the videos take 21 minutes to watch.
  • The online ergonomic workstation questionnaire takes XX minutes to complete.
  • The @work Evolve module consists of four exercise programs which can either be viewed and followed as a whole or an individual can follow one or two exercises throughout the day depending on whether they have tightness in their back or neck or whether they want to increase their heart rate and move.
How does the Corefulness @work programme work?

Once you have registered, watch the 21 minutes of videos which teach you everything you need to know about setting up and working within the desk-based working environment. As the videos progress you can pause and start to alter your workstation or you can wait to make alterations during the questionnaire. Mark each video as complete once you have watched it.

Having watched and completed the videos you will have access to the online Ergonomic Assessment Questionnaire. Work through each question systematically and alter the workstation as you progress. If you require equipment to make your workstation compliant then add items suggested onto your Wish List.

You may not be able to make your workstation fully compliant on the initial assessment, if you require equipment. You are able to access the online questionnaire as many times as you need. Once equipment arrives you can work through the questionnaire again.

Follow the exercise programs in the Evolve module to keep you stretched and moving during your day.

Look at the Quick Tips for Ergonomics for advice on how to manage time and minimise stress on the body when working in the desk based environment.

How do I access the @work programme?

If you are an individual, register on the Corefulness.com website, go to the Corefulness programmes page, select the Corefulness @work module and sign up.

If you are a employer interested in purchasing multiple licenses, please register on the Corefulness.com website, go to the Corefulness programmes page, select the Corefulness @work module, press the ‘apply here’ link and complete the form. A member from the Corefulness team will be in touch to discuss your requirements.

If you are an employee of a company, who has purchased multiple licenses, then you will receive an email prompting you to register and login and access the @work module. 

As an employer how can I monitor the progress of my employees on the @work module?

Once you have purchased licenses and supplied the email addresses for your employees, they will be sent an email to sign up to the module.

Once an employee has completed the videos and online questionnaire you will be able to view the results of the questionnaire and therefore see if any aspects of their workstation are non-compliant.

Employees can send you their Wish List of products which either the employer or employee can purchase through the website. Employees can then repeat the questionnaire once equipment arrives and you will have a record of a fully compliant workstation for that employee. A certificate is produced which can be saved onto an individual’s HR file. 

How much does the Corefulness @work module cost?
The Corefulness @work module costs £19.99 to an individual user, reductions are available to multiple license users.
What do I do if I require equipment?

As you work through the online ergonomic questionnaire, if your workstation is not compliant and you require equipment, you will be able to view options for equipment and add them to a Wish List. At the end of the questionnaire you will be able to access this Wish List and purchase equipment directly through amazon.com. Equally you will be able to share this wish list with your employer.

Once your equipment arrives you can redo the questionnaire in order to ensure that the equipment is set up correctly and your workstation is fully compliant.

How many times can I access the programme?
The license for the programme, whether it is for an individual or multiple users, is for one year and the programme can be accessed as many times as you require within this time.
Can I go directly to my shopping basket?
Yes, use the link in your account page, or simply tick on the shopping bag on the top right hand side of the site.
Where do I find my employee access code?
Once your employer has purchased the multiple licenses and provided your email address, you will be sent an email with a link to access the programme.
Where do I find my questionnaire results?
The questionnaire results can be found on the profile page in the Corefulness @work section. Press the expand button to view your Ergonomic Assessment results, view your Certificate and Wish List.
Do I have to watch all the videos before I complete the online ergonomic questionnaire?
Yes, this will only take 21 minutes and it is part of the legal requirement that an employer provides their employees with the education that you will receive from the videos.
Where do I find the daily exercises?
These can be accessed on the Corefulness programmes, select the @work module and select the Evolve Module.
How often should I do the desk-based exercises?
Ideally, when you take a short break every 40 minutes you can choose to follow a couple of the desk-based exercises. Equally, during a lunch break you could follow the dynamic exercise programme or stair-based exercise programme to keep your body moving and increase your cardiovascular activity.
What is the 20-20-20 rule?
The 20-20-20 rule encourages you to look away from your screen every 20 minutes for 20 seconds and focus on an object at least 20 metres away. The reason for doing this is to allow the muscles that hold the lens of your eye to relax and work at a different length. It is all too easy to focus on the close distance of the screen for far too long which can produce eyestrain and headaches. However regular short bursts of long-distance focus can help to minimise this eyestrain.
Why should I move away from my workstation every 40 minutes?
Our bodies were designed to move. Sitting at a desk can cause damage at 0 mph!! Therefore, it is vital to keep the body moving and even if you manage to stand up and sit down five times, walk to get a glass of water or perform a couple of the Evolve exercises every 40 minutes, then you will help to keep the body moving and minimise injury that can occur from prolonged sustained postures.
Can I access the other programs on the Corefulness website?

Yes, the Foundation Module, which is a six week, video-based, core strengthening programme is available to all users for free. This is an excellent course providing a safe core strengthening programme for people of all ages and physical abilities.

The Running Module can be purchased for £9.99 and provides runners with useful information on how to improve their running technique in order to maximise their running efficiency and minimise injury.

If you are interested in the Schools Module, either for your school or for a school you know, then please apply online and one of the Corefulness team will be in touch about this programme.