What is “A Strong Body”


A ‘strong body’ is a body that can adapt to the task it is asked to do. 

COMPARE: Compare the strengths needed by a body involved in physical hard labour to the strengths needed to sit at a desk for a similar amount of time each day.

ENERGY: Energetic sporting activities are likely to mean the body has to continually adjust to short, fast burst of energy.  Hobbies that take considerable lengths of time are more likely to involve lower endurance muscle activity.

WELL BEING: If you are rehabilitating following an operation or illness, then your strength requirement will be different to a person training for a marathon. (COVID-19 Breathing Exercises)

EDUCATION: Educate the body and become Physically Mindful about how to strength train, and become aware of which muscles are needed for your life’s activity.

MUSCLES: Muscles are made up of muscle fibres. There are two major ‘skeletal’ muscle fibre groups in the body, known as Fast Twitch and Slow Twitch.  Every muscle is made up of a percentage of fast twitch fibres and slow twitch fibres. 

Fast Twitch (a-delta) fibres work at a high level for a short period of time and produce power and movement. 

Slow twitch (C) fibres work at low-level for a long period of time and produce stability and endurance.

MOVEMENT AND STABILITY MUSCLES: Depending upon the percentage of fast twitch fibres and slow twitch fibres, a muscle will either predominantly be a movement muscle or a stability muscle.  

ENDURANCE: As the body is made up of different muscle types, the strength of these muscles will determine how much endurance and the level of intensity a body can maintain.  The more control and awareness a person has will ensure stronger functionality through different types of exercise.

STABILITY: The most important element of strength is stability.  If the stabilising muscles are strong and support the skeleton, then the movement muscles will be able to work at maximum capacity and therefore produce maximum power. 

If the stabilising muscles are not working to full capacity,  they can not hold the skeleton in correct alignment.  The movement muscles have to provide stability and after a short duration they tire and go into spasm. 

Think of it as the foundations of a building.  We need inner strength, the core of the body to work in order to allow the rest of the body to function properly.


Corefulness.com identifies four key stabilising muscles that have a high ‘C-fibre/ slow-twitch fibre’ content. 

When these muscles align correctly, they strengthen connections from the knee to the hip, the hip to the pelvis, the pelvis to the low back and the back to the shoulder and neck.

By working these muscles at a low level (40% of maximum contraction) for ‘prolonged periods’ of between 10-20 seconds, and repeating at regular intervals (throughout the day)  you will build endurance.  

Increased endurance stabilises the body.  Stability is provided through muscle training and strength.


Corefulness® is a program which focuses on the activation, strength and coordination of four key stabilising muscles of the body with stretches and balance. It teaches you to use these muscles in lying, sitting, standing and walking so you become present as to what your body is doing all day, every day.


The Corefulness® Foundation course is a six week easily accessible, informative, progressive video-based guide.  It is designed to be used on any digital device. 

Simply follow the online instructions and sign up for free at Corefulness.com.  The sessions last approximately 15 minutes and for maximum benefit should be repeated three or more times a week.


COREFULNESS.COM: Corefulness® is not just another exercise program, it is an education. Corefulness® gives you the tools to build inner strength, to develop physical mindfulness and take control of your body.  

START YOUR COREFULNESS JOURNEY: Corefulness® Foundation Exercises 

Footnote: Corefulness.com has been developed with over 20 years of Physiotherapy experience, focusing on the activation, strength and coordination of the four key core stabilising muscles, stretching and balance. 

3 thoughts on “What is “A Strong Body”

  1. Robin says:

    I’ve completed all 6 weeks of the Carefulness Foundation which provides an excellent, guided programme to help engage and use muscles correctly. I definitely feel more flexible and am using my muscles in a more informed manner. It’s also helped to minimise my existing back discomfort by strengthening my core, thank you.

    • Elizabeth Cordle says:

      Dear Robin
      Thank you very much for your positive feedback about the Corefulness Foundation programme. I am thrilled you have found it useful. Please do feel free to follow us on social media and share any thoughts you have. I very much designed and produced this programme so that it is accessible to everyone. Keep up the Corefulness!
      Kind regards


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